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swirl table light

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swirl table light



height: 14 cm
width: 6.5 cm



  • glass


  • LED battery induction charging plate
  • two lights can be charged on one tray or connect
  • up to two trays on one charger
  • 16 pre-programmed colours
  • 4 brightness modes
  • 7h of light from a single 10 hour charge
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Product Description

The rechargeable cordless LED table lamps from filini can be used anywhere; instantly transforming the mood and creating the perfect intimate lighting level for any hospitality venue, simply at the touch of a button. Designed and engineered to the highest quality standards, the rechargeable cordless table lamps are built to last, with up to 50,000 hours of LED operating life being produced from some of the most advanced LED technology in the world.


each set includes:

  • one induction charging tray
  • two identical lights – 8 models available
  • one remote controlone adapter
  • one remote control
  • connector cable to connect a second charging tray

about glass:
Note that glass, whether hand-blown or machine-produced, may contain small air bubbles. These are small bubbles that can get trapped inside of the heated glass during the process, and they remain in the finished piece. We look at this as an aesthetic feature of glass, and not an imperfection or irregularity. 


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