• tealights




height (including flame): 5 cm
diameter: 4 cm



  • polyethylene


  • 12 tealights per set 
  • 8-hour charging time, charge lasts for 15 hours
  • rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 12 fixed pre-programmed colours
  • remote controlled dimming
  • four ambient settings:candle flicker, smooth changing colour, static colour, flash colour

Product Description

The rechargeable cordless led tealights are the perfect reusable and cost effective solution for creating a realistic candle lit effect. Superior quality, that cannot be compared with other generic brands.


Designed and engineered to the highest quality standards, the rechargeable led tealights are built to last, with up to 50,000 hours of operating life being produced from some of the most advanced led technology in the world.

each set includes

  • one induction charging tray
  • 12 rechargeable tealights
  • 12V 2A adaptor to allow charging of up to 3 trays linked at once
  • one remote control

One year full replacement warranty, items available from stock in Dubai


Order today, email sales@DesertRiver.com or call +971 4 323 3636


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