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might-e cooler

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might-e cooler



width: 107 cm
height: 30 cm
depth: 40 cm



  • polyethylene



  • all models are IP68 waterproof, so are safe for the pool or in rain
  • long lasting LED lights – minimum 8 hours on brightest white setting
  • designed and engineered in Belgium
  • wireless with rechargeable battery
  • 24  pre-programmed colours, or fix any color you like
  • 2 candle-flickering settings
  • 4 brightness modes
  • high intensity white colour setting
  • shatter-proof
  • excellent color distribution, no shades, lines or hotspots
  • induction charging
  • remote control included

Product Description

Might-e is a functional drinks cooler in the shape of a mighty whale that appeals to the emotions and produces a feel-good effect. It looks great in bars and restaurants, keeping up to 16 bottles nice and cool.  Like the other functional ImagiLights products, the number of colours available for you to programme is endless. 


One year full replacement warranty, available from stock in Dubai


Order today, email sales@DesertRiver.com or call +971 4 323 3636


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