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dimensions (cm)

  Multiple size options – see description



  • steel frame
  • opaque white acrylic side panels (can be branded)
  • MDF counter top with rotating belt placed on top


  • unique design
  • 6 different sizes and configurations available
  • adjustable speed setting for moving belt
  • moving belt draws your guests attention
  • illuminated panels can be static light or colour changing
unit price 1-2 days aed6,300.00aed7,875.00
for multiple-day rental click here

Product Description

The Showmotion is a contemporary bar made of a metal frame with opaque white sides. On top of the white bar counter a conveyor belt of stainless steel units moves around. The Showmotion can be set up in various configurations. Food, beverages and products can be attractively displayed on the moving belt.


Continuous movement ensures that your products are highly visible. Chefs or bartenders can work in the centre of the bar, placing items onto the moving belt. While your guests can stand or sit around the bar. The Showmotion can also be used as a funky bar without the conveyor belt on top of it.


Not only for food & beverage, use the Showmotion to display the latest cameras, handbags, i-pods, laptop computers, mobile phones, perfumes, shoes, sunglasses, watches and the like.



  • * Branding on the panels of the bar
  • * Backlighting from the inside of the white opaque sides in various colours
  • * Small cordless lights on top of the moving belt that move around with your products

Size configurations:

Showmotion Small
Size (cm): Dia.250 x H110
4 panels, with space for up to 12 bar stools


Showmotion Medium
Size (cm): W400 x H110 x D250
6 panels, with space for up to 18 bar stools


Showmotion Large
L1 Size (cm): W400 x H110 x D400 or
L2 Size (cm): W550 x H110 x D250
8 panels, with space for up to 24 bar stools


Showmotion Extra Large
XL1 Size (cm): W550 x H110 x D400 or
XL2 Size (cm): W700 x H110 x D250
10 panels, with space for up to 30 bar stools



  • * 230 V socket nearby
  • * solid ground

Please note, the Showmotion cannot be set-up around a supporting pillar or other non-moveable item as the belt is an infinite, closed ring.

Additional Information


XL, S, M, L


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