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oz ottoman

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oz ottoman



Width: 92 cm
Height: 76 cm
Depth: 115 cm



  • leather
  • chrome legs


  • pearl white
  • sleek contemporary style
  • upholstered in high quality soft leather
  • split back can be folded up to transform it into Oz Chair
unit price 1-2 days aed262.50
for multiple-day rental click here
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Product Description

The Oz collection is both versatile and stylish. The oversized Oz Ottoman makes a perfect daybed or seating island to relax and socialise. The Oz Ottoman has a split frame so it can be folded up to transform into the Oz Chair, giving you the versatility to create different venue layouts


Made from ultra soft leather for a sleek and comfortable lounge set up, with sleek chrome legs that lend sophistication.


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