|midimotion oil drum bar

midimotion oil drum bar

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midimotion oil drum bar



Width: 50 cm
Height: 90 cm
Length: 300 cm


  • steel frame
  • counter top with rotating belt placed on top
  • metal oil drum with closed lid
  • plate glass top


  • unique design
  • 33 display plates – dia. 15 cm 
  • adjustable speed setting for moving belt
  • moving belt draws your guests attention
  • illuminated panel can be static light or colour changing
unit price 1-2 days aed2,625.00
for multiple-day rental click here

Product Description

The Midimotion oil drum bar is a unique display counter that can be used to promote a new product, food or beverage on a moving belt. With 33 display plates you have ample space to launch a new watch or display your signature drink.  Back-lighting from the inside of the white opaque sides can be added to promote your theme or brand. 


Continuous movement ensures that your products are highly visible.


Oil drum colours available include red, black, white and silver



  • 230 V socket nearby
  • solid ground

Additional Information


Black, Red, Silver, White


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