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LED sticks

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LED sticks



Width: 100 cm
Diameter: 4.5 cm



  • 16 Watt tube lights
  • each light tube has 4 fully programmable sections
  • LED battery


  • thousands of colour combinations available
  • colour change can be one or multiple colours
  • change the speed of the colour change
  • great for corporate events to use multiple corporate colours
  • wireless system so no cables running across the venue
unit price 1-2 days aed52.50
for multiple-day rental click here

Product Description

The LED sticks have a great many uses, most commonly used for under table lighting, but for some more challenging projects we have fitted them underneath catwalks and within exhibition stand schemes to create dramatic lighting effects.


1 set of LED sticks has 4 separate tubes (so for under tables, 1 tube is attached to each leg) but furthermore, within each individual tube there are 4 light sections which can be programmed independently, allowing you to get very creative with multiple colour changing, or split static colour such as country colours for flags, and rainbow effects.


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