|illuminated sticks

illuminated sticks

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illuminated sticks



Width: 60 cm
Height: 180 cm
Depth: 30 cm



  • fibre glass sticks
  • rubber base 


  • stylish modern divider
  • provides privacy whilst allowing light through
  • ideal for entrances, pathways and between lounge areas
  • great backdrop for bars and stages
  • place many units together to cover large spaces
  • stagger them to create service walkways
  • colour changing and static colour light option
unit price 1-2 days aed420.00
for multiple-day rental click here

Product Description

Sticks is a space divider that is ideal for creating a feeling of privacy without losing the sense of freedom typical of open spaces. 


Use Sticks indoors to adapt the look of a room or office arrangement entirely to your own taste. You can also choose which and how many rods you use and create various degrees of transparency, colour combinations, or differences in length.


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