|fatboy rockcoco 12.0 chandelier grey

fatboy rockcoco 12.0 chandelier grey

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fatboy rockcoco 12.0 chandelier grey



Height: 68 cm
Diameter: 62 cm


  • grey polycarbonate 


  • warm LED light, suitable for indoor use
  • remote control, dimmable
  • remote reaches up to 10 meters
unit price 1-2 days aed315.00
for multiple-day rental click here

Product Description

Now with 12 lamps and improved downward light distribution the 12.0 will certainly rock your world!


We bring back the ‘Late Baroque’ style of the 18th century taking it into the 21st century with the RockCoco chandelier. A delicate see through chandelier with iconic red wiring, which is perhaps perfectly in tune with the excesses of Louis XV’s reign. But don’t let those looks fool you. The RockCoco is not just frivolous and merely modish, it is the first outdoor proof chandelier ever made!


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Grey, Illuminated

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