|cube small

cube small

  • Slide Cube

cube small



Width: 43 cm
Height: 43 cm
Depth: 43 cm



  • polyethylene


  • battery operated or can also run on cable
  • can be stacked to create dividers/displays
  • high quality light provides sheer light distribution
  • minimum 8 hours on brightest white setting
  • strong, hardwearing material
  • can be used as ottoman cube seats or tables
  • add on the metal top to change the appearance and light distribution
  • cushion available on request
unit price 1-2 days aed157.50
for multiple-day rental click here

Product Description

Cubism never looked so cool. Seat, side table, coffee table, display unit, indoors or out – wherever you place it, Cubo Closed is up to the task and will do the job with bags of minimalist style. And best of all, you can turn on the light to add a calming splash of ambience.


Add-ons: stainless steel top also available to give a more industrial look and prevent the light from shining upwards. Cushion can also be added for a more comfortable seat.


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