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moments table light

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product description

The art of lighting design.

ImagiLights is a range of rechargeable cordless light solutions for indoor and outdoor use, offering you the best in LED technology. Their latest collection Moments provides gentle elegance to any space, perfect for heavy use in hotels ... read more


  • stainless steel and brushed anodized aluminum

dimensions (cm)

Height : 23
Diameter : 10


  • new colour lock function 
  • long lasting LED lights
  • designed and engineered in Belgium
  • wireless with rechargeable battery
  • 24  pre-programmed colours, or fix any color you like
  • two candle-flickering settings
  • 4 brightness modes
  • high intensity white colour setting
  • shatter-proof
  • excellent color distribution, no shades, lines or hotspots
  • induction charging
  • multiple charging tray available to charge 8 tables lights at once