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product description

ImagiLights is a range of rechargeable cordless light solutions for indoor, outdoor and pool use, offering you the best in LED technology.

The collection comprises a variety of shapes and sizes which are perfect for heavy use in hotels and restaurants as well a... read more


  • polyethylene

dimensions (cm)

Width : 19,6
Height : 33,5
Depth : 29,1


  • all models are IP68 waterproof, so are safe for the pool or in rain
  • long lasting LED lights - minimum 8 hours on brightest white setting
  • designed and engineered in Belgium
  • wireless with rechargeable battery
  • 24  pre-programmed colours, or fix any color you like
  • two candle-flickering settings
  • 4 brightness modes
  • high intensity white colour setting
  • shatter-proof
  • excellent color distribution, no shades, lines or hotspots
  • induction charging
  • remote control included (except individual table models)
  • includes hanging hook, so they can be suspended overhead, in trees etc
  • multiple charging tray available to charge 8 tables lights at once